• 2020
Work and services:
  • Art Direction,
  • Editorial,
  • Photography,
  • Content creation

WELUR is a magazine that focuses on environmental and ecological issues.The magazine combines the formula of a loose conversation, with a strictly encyclopedic one, providing scientific information and a close-up diagnosis of the modern world as well as the future of mankind. It also includes an extensive interview with Piotr Krzywc narrating the history of our planet and predictions for the future.

  • Piotr Krzywiec

The first issue of Welur magazine includes an exclusive interview with geologist and geophysicist Piotr Krzywiec and highlights his professional activities, as well as his passions and travels.


In the times of mass distribution and globalization, where the vision of climate catastrophe is getting closer, it is important to create awareness of this issue and to raise the viewer’s sensitivity to the beauty and fertility of our planet. The goal of WELUR project was to show seemingly complex content in a clear and attractive form for a contemporary viewer.