W try migam

  • 2021
Work and services:
  • Design,
  • Mechanics,
  • Content development,
  • Editing,
  • Illustration,
Special thanks:

Daniel Mizieliński


W try migam (eng. Sign and Play) is a card game, introducing the world of Polish Sign Language (PJM) at a basic level. Participants show and guess sign gestures to form a sentence from them at the end of the game. The game format enhances learning and makes language acquisition easy and enjoyable.  

The development of the project of the game was supported by the Swarovski Foundation and will be further developed thanks to funding from the Creatives for our Future program.


  • 🎨UpComing, Selected Degree Pieces of the Academy of Fine Arts 2021, Galeria Salon Akademii, Warsaw, 2021
  • 🎨GAMES AND TOYS, Zachęta Project Room, Warsaw, 29.07 – 09.10.2022


W try migam contains a deck of 200 cards divided into 4 difficulty levels. The reverses of the cards designate the task in the game while the fronts include sign language words along with a caption in Polish at the top of the card. Each card contains a different word so that the entire deck contains 200 sign language words from A1/A2 level.


W try migam is a game for 2 to 6 players. By dividing the gameplay into parts of guessing single words and creating sentences, the user not only learns vocabulary but also the way to use it in context.

Playtests conducted on groups of different users have proven that already after playing one round each player is able to remember and repeat several words and after going through the whole deck of cards we are able to communicate basic things in PJM.


The project includes also a trailer advertising the game as well as a How to play? video, which explains and pictures the rules of the game in a simple way.

↓🎥 Trailer + How to play?

The game has been exhibited several times at various events and exhibitions as well as has some awards on its record.

→🏆 Main Design Award, Upcoming

↓🎨 UpComing, Selected Degree Pieces of the Academy of Fine Arts 2021 – photos of the exhibition. See the exhibition through 360 online tour!

←↓🎨GAMES AND TOYS – photos from the exhibition and opening at the Zachęta Project Place.