Stop Plastic

  • 2020
Work and services:
  • Poster design,
  • Photography,
  • Environmental campaign

Environmental pollution from plastics has become one of the most urgent global problems, as the fast-growing production of single-use plastic products is exceeding the world’s capacity to deal with it.

Stop plastic is series of posters focusing on this global problem.The aim of the project was to emphasize the damage caused by plastic pollution, as well as as to impose a certain responsibility for the contamination of our planet, for which each of us is responsible.



As the artist behind the Stop Plastic project, I wanted to establish a personal connection with the audience and convey the message that each one of us bears responsibility for the well-being of our planet. To achieve this, I chose to depict myself packed in plastic in the posters. This was a deliberate choice, as it serves as a powerful visual metaphor for the impact of plastic pollution on our environment and on us as individuals. By placing myself in this vulnerable position, I aimed to emphasize that the effects of plastic pollution are far-reaching and affect us all.

Used materials:

All the plastic used in creating the Stop Plastic project was obtained for free as a secondary source. There was a deliberate effort to avoid purchasing any plastic for this project and instead, collected plastic waste that was already in circulation. By repurposing this waste for the posters, the project aimed to create a positive impact and raise awareness about the importance of responsible plastic use and waste reduction.