• 2020
Work and services:
  • Visual identity,
  • Poster design,
  • Illustration
  • Wydział Orientalistyczny Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

Visual identity created for the Department of Oriental Studies for the annual event Orientalia to promote the department and cultural exchange.

The goal of the project was to create a coherent visual concept that would be inclusive and draw attention to the main topic of the event and its cultural diversity.

About the event:

Orientalia is an annual event organized by the Faculty of Oriental Studies as part of the university’s Juwenalia. During the event, students from more than 13 majors in the Oriental Studies Department organize promotional stands aimed at recruiting prospective students and introducing non-faculty audiences to the cultures of Asia and Africa. During the event, students and specially invited guests perform artistic performances, display traditional costumes from the region, serve traditional foods and teach the basics of the languages they study. Every year, the event gathers a large number of participants, who through the event can learn more about traditions from cultures such as Chinese, Japanese, Arab, Indian, Ethiopian or many others.


The event promotes the departments of African Studies, Arabic Studies, Egyptology, Hebraistics, Indology, Iranian Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, Ancient Eastern Culture, Mongolian Studies and Tibetology, Sinology, Eastern European Studies and Turkology.

Design concept:

The main idea of the project was to create a concept that would emphasize the multicultural activities of the Department of Oriental Studies. The Orientalia event focuses on cultural exchange between Poland and the above-mentioned countries and regions. Due to cultural diversity, the motif was divided into 3 areas for which separate patterns in colors specific to each geographic region were created.


The scope of the project includes flyers, posters, headers and motion graphics for social media and print to promote the event.