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Menstrupedia. Kompletny poradnik od A do Z, Ladies Department – Swipe To, 2023


MENSTRUPEDIA is a digital publication that explains in a simple way the basic concepts of menstruation. 

The form of a wordless guide with only illustrations makes it universal, allowing everyone to understand it, regardless of education, age, gender or nationality. The guide includes information on topics such as what the female reproductive system looks like, what menstruation is and what its symptoms are, what products can be used during a period and how to get and use them, what contraception is, and further advice and recommendations on the subject. In addition, the last chapter allows those who can read and speak English to explore the topic in greater depth with detailed descriptions for each topic included in the guide. 

Project partner:

Sejal Budholiya


🏆IIIDaward, 2023




All the information contained in the manual was taken from publications on the subject or verified sources and then consulted with medical professionals.


The goal of the project was to create an educational tool that could work for a variety of conditions and cultures, and that would be easily accessible.

Menstrupedia has been put through a series of tests for comprehensibility and inclusiveness on various user groups from different countries and cultures. 

MENSTRUPEDIA is an interactive menstrual guide for everyone

The form:

Menstrupedia, thanks to its interactivity, enables simple navigation that makes learning easier. The buttons embedded in the guide allow fully interactive use without the need for a keyboard. In addition, the digital format allows the guide to be easily forwarded around the world so that it reaches the largest possible audience.

Is there any topic that you find worth including? Or perhaps you feel something should be changed?

Feel free to send a message! → ✉️

MENSTRUPEDIA is an ongoing project that is being constantly updated and improved to provide the most reliable and up-to-date information on the topic of menstruation.

Special thanks:

The font „Favorit” from ABC Dinamo used in the publication has been made available for free for non-profit purposes thanks to the kindness of the agency. 

MENSTRUPEDIA on display and in the media

↓🎨Krótka opowieść o sednie, wydźwięku i rozkładzie – photos of the exhibition.

The Booklet:

Supplementing the digital edition, I created a paper booklet, with 100 complimentary copies made available for free at the Salon Akademii gallery during the exhibition.