750 Cars, 48 Years

  • 2019
Work and services:
  • Design
  • Editorial
  • Photography

750 Cars, 48 Years is a book showcasing the lifelong passion of Paweł Doczyński, a Warsaw-based car model collector and blogger. The project began as part of a seminar at the University of Arts in Berlin, and evolved into a stunning visual representation of Paweł’s impressive car model collection. Divided into two parts, the book features carefully curated photos from Paweł’s archive and bilingual blog posts that offer insights into his impressive collection. The second part of the book is a detailed catalog of all the cars in Paweł’s collection. It includes important information such as the year of purchase, name, and scale of each model. “750 Cars, 48 Years” is a comprehensive project that provides an insightful glimpse into the world of car model collecting, highlighting Paweł’s impressive commitment to his hobby.